Veracity Report

An American Retrospective

by Peter Coker

From my upcoming book: The Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ the Conqueror

Religion, Progressivism, and Liberalism

The Progressive Era in America (1880’s-1920’s) is said to have resulted from the Industrial Revolution and the growth of modern capitalism. Early Progressives claimed the Industrial Revolution marked the critical need for changes in political-science, and that America’s constitutional system was outdated and incapable of dealing with such changes. Progressivism is based on the idea of social-progress or societal-evolution. It believes this progress should be spurred-on by government coercion, i.e., by force of law. Progressivism is rooted in the ideals of European enlightenment philosophy, from thinkers such as; Spinoza, Decartes, Rousseau, Voltaire, Kant, Hume and others.

Some American founders were influenced by the enlightenment to a certain degree, but the majority of the founders were influenced more by the Scriptures, history, and by Judeo-Christian morality, values, and ethics. Thus, the American founding included both streams of thought, but leaned more consciously and deliberately towards Judeo-Christian history and practice. This is not just a biased viewpoint; it was legally validated in 1892 by the U.S. Supreme Court after reviewing a 10-year study of America’s founding era and over 15,000 political writings of the founders. It is simply false to say that the American founders were mostly deists building the American founding on the ideals of the enlightenment. However, it is also safe to say the American founders did not always live up to their own lofty ideals in governing or in their private lives; much like the fallible, human examples found in the Bible. Regardless, the founder’s collective ideals as expressed in America’s founding documents were fast recognized and admired throughout the world as an ingenious, revolutionary achievement in human history.

Not long after America’s founding era, a plethora of enlightenment inspired writings were published by some of America’s most prolific literary writers. This era is known as the American Renaissance and it had a tremendous influence on future Progressivism. Renaissance writers basically laid down an alternative societal substructure for a future generation to adopt, pursue, and eventually implement European enlightenment ideals in America. The American Renaissance is also referred to as the New England Renaissance and the Antebellum period; it is generally recognized as the period following America’s founding era, up to and including the civil war period.

America’s interest in European enlightenment was essentially the fruit that grew out of American Renaissance writers, such as Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Melville, Poe, Whitman, and Dickenson; as well as many other important writers of that era. Unlike most American founder’s, American Renaissance writers were largely sympathetic to European enlightenment philosophy. In opposition to America’s Christian heritage, renaissance writings were often sympathetic to lawless-rebels and those antagonistic towards orthodox Christian doctrine. The anti-Christian rebel often became the hero-figure in elaborate stories and poems. Renaissance writers deliberately moved religious-expression away from theological doctrine, to the fictional fantasies of human imagination. Their popularity revealed a psychogenic shift in American culture, away from biblical-truth reality to a new world of intrigue, curiosity, adventure and enchanting fiction. Even Church sermons of that era began to move away from being mainly theological to becoming modernized allegorical stories. This cultural shift led Ralph Waldo Emerson to note his own view of the ‘poet as priest;’ followed by Walt Whitman’s famous quote; “The priest departs, the divine literatus comes.”

Renaissance writers routinely equated other foreign religions as just as valid as Christianity, especially Oriental religions. Fictional stories about the ‘beautiful enlightened Orient’ became an imaginative, popular subject in American literature not long after Benjamin Franklin’s publication of ‘An Arabian Tale’ (1779). Renaissance writers often portrayed Christianity as a dreary, oppressive religion compared to the enlightened religions of the Orient and of the prophet Mahomet (Islam). Furthermore, Christian missionaries were viciously portrayed as the ‘greatest scoundrels on the face of the earth’ by writers like Nathaniel Ames.

The Renaissance era also included education reformer Horace Mann (1796-1859) who later became a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Mann as an education reformer fought to secularize and feminize public schooling in America. Mann favored the German Prussian-education model for the creation of his Normal Schools and rejected the Jeffersonian model of a Biblically-inclusive education model. Mann thus initiated the process of transforming public-schools into a myopic, soulless, secular system of education. Mann’s anemic system has since devolved, devoid of proficient knowledge through the amblyopic suppression of a well-rounded comprehensive educational curriculum rooted in transcendent logic, reason, and morality.

The popularity of the literary Renaissance era later led to the political Progressive era in America, which brought in more alternative foreign ideas regarding civil-governance — the role of the state — and its relation to the people.

The Progressives

American progressives were idealistically similar to the Fabian Society socialists (founded 1884) in England. American Progressives and early members of the Fabian Society in England both attribute the spark of their movement’s beginnings to the works of American political economist Henry George (1839-1897) who wrote the internationally famous book, ‘Progress and Poverty’ (1879). George’s economic philosophy was known as Georgism, and his influence was later praised by Franklin D. Roosevelt, William Jennings Bryan, John Dewey, George Bernard Shaw, Leo Tolstoy, and many other notable personalities around the world. Henry George was troubled by the wealth created by modern industrialists and focused his attention on the ‘House of Have and the House of Want.’ He proposed a tax on unimproved land which he believed would destroy monopolies, distribute wealth more equally, and eliminate poverty.

Following Henry George’s popular book was Edward Bellamy’s book ‘Looking Backward’ (1888) which was equally as popular as George’s work. Bellamy’s book was a fictional novel about a future socialist utopia where everyone was happy living under a social order, based on the collective ownership of property with a stable society where a big centralized government played a key role. After Bellamy’s book, over 160 ‘Nationalist Clubs’ arose to promote Bellamy’s ideas and many similar novels were published as a result of Bellamy’s success.

The progressive idea initially arose out of legitimate grass-roots concerns for the disadvantaged, the poor, and the primitive working conditions of the industrial revolution. It began with the realization that even with new technological advances, the American economic system needed reform. The movement was initially concerned with righting the wrongs of society in industrial large cities. These same industrial-urban concerns that were present in England drew the Salvation Army ministry to spread to America. The Salvation Army as a volunteer Christian missionary organization made a substantial presence in offering aid, relief, and the gospel message. Other volunteer slum relief centers such as Jane Addams Hull House were also established. Initially, the main progressive efforts were relief for the poor, social-justice, and a push for political reform. Much of this was led by Christian reformers seeking social and economic improvement in America. Many of these societal concerns were legitimate appeals for business/employee practices for workers and the child labor practices of that era.

The growth of the grass-roots concerns and efforts quickly led to political involvement and the rise of progressive politics. The Progressive party leaders began with 75 lawyers, 95 businessmen, 36 editors, 19 college professors, 7 authors, 6 social workers, 1 union leader, and other professionals. Progressive politics soon became a quest for legislative power and with it the desire to enforce and spread its perception of society’s moral-ethical will. Politically, this became not only a local domestic concern but rapidly a national concern, then a worldwide concern (interventionism). However, the majority of Americans were against meddling in international affairs. National political progressives, on the other hand, believed in big government and big picture politics that would extend America’s political power and influence to the entire world. The first progressive American Presidents were; Theodore Roosevelt (R), William H. Taft (R), Woodrow Wilson (D), and Herbert Hoover (R) the forgotten progressive president, followed by Franklin D. Roosevelt (D), (Theodore’s cousin) who was America’s first self-described “liberal” president.

The early twentieth-century political-progressives believed in expanding and re-interpreting the U.S. Constitution according to the Darwinian-principle. In their view, this meant that the federal government should be the authoritative power-agent of social change and reform (forced social-evolution) through the development of an administrative bureaucracy that legislates, regulates and controls all aspects of human life (i.e., fascism).

Many academic progressive thinkers were strongly influenced by Georg W. F. Hegel’s philosophy that, “the state is the divine idea as it exists on earth.” These philosophical-progressives redefined the term ‘god’ as, “human-freedom achieved through correct political organization.” Thus, the rejection of America’s Judeo-Christian concept of living under a sovereign, living, personal, loving, Creator. Many academic progressives rejected the Judeo-Christian God as simply a mythological idea. Some progressives believed in God, but, believed the progressive agenda was part of God’s will for human evolution. Other progressives spoke of ‘god’ in public, although their own definition of god could be far less personal, thus, more figurative or abstract. A far cry from the traditional, personal loving God of the holy Scriptures adhered to by most of American Christianity. Progressive leaders were keenly aware that when they mentioned ‘god’ in public, the people would likely assume they meant the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible. This became a common tool of deception used by many progressive speakers. Deception is commonly viewed by elite Progressives as a necessary tool for covertly promoting the collective-good of society.

[The purpose of the state is the “perfection of humanity, the civilization of the world; the perfect development of the human reason and its attainment to universal command over individualism; the apotheosis of man” i.e., man becoming God.] (John Burgess, progressive political scientist).

Political Progressivism, as with some of Karl Marx’s teaching, perceived ‘god’ or the idea of god, as completely irrelevant. Thus, without any thought or responsibility of humans towards a sovereign God, this meant mankind was free to be his own autonomous-god and the determiner of his own reality, morality, and future destiny. For Marx, this also meant mankind must ‘act’ to change the world away from the idea of a mythical god. That also meant man is the ultimate determiner of good and evil, right and wrong; not a mythical transcendent cosmic authority, nor the holy Scriptures. For Progressives, Marx’s call to action — to act to change the world – meant that elite progressive leaders should use government-coercion (force by threat, law, or violence) to change society and culture to their humanistic-ideals* of right and wrong. *(See a copy of the original Humanist Manifesto in the back of this book). Thus, the human quest for political power, authority, and domination turned a legitimate grass-roots movement for the human concerns of societal-ills into a political power-machine that manipulates, regulates and controls society through the overriding federal-power of the administrative-state and the federal-government’s ongoing acquisition of power from the states and its people.

American Progressives often differed individually in their tactics, but politically, all believed the federal-government needed to be expanded in size, strength and control. Their idea was for a strong centralized federal-government that would embody overall power and authority. This meant government ultimately needed more revenue; lots of money on an ongoing continuous basis. This required a plan for fundamental change in the monetary system. First, the Federal Reserve System was planned, created and put in place to manage America’s overall money supply and to manipulate the economy. Secondly, the progressive income-tax was then inaugurated and the sixteenth-amendment was passed to make it a permanent federal law. [Previously, the IRS had existed only temporarily as a government collection agency to pay for the civil war]. After the IRS was re-instituted, permanently, money was then collected directly from people’s individual earnings to support the new government bureaucracies and programs. This was a targeted, economic coup d’état of America’s overall financial structure by an elite banking group, backed by the U.S. Government. It was also targeted-theft from individual wage-earners by a newly created government/corporate entity. This subversive power-grab of the American economy by the top bankers in conjunction with the federal government proceeded iniquitously as follows:

In 1910, the top Wall Street Bankers gathered in Jekyll Island Georgia to design and draft a plan for a central U.S. bank, or more precisely, a (federal) national centralized banking system. (This was historically America’s fourth such national banking system). The top Wall Street Bankers created a system of twelve regional banks that would give the federal-government control of credit in the United States. The collective-banker’s regional-bank master plan was passed by Congress and signed into law by Progressive Democrat President Woodrow Wilson as the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The bankers plan obviously included ongoing monetary benefits for themselves that would help guarantee their future monetary viability in the long run.

Three years later, the first permanent federal income-tax in America was voted on and ‘passed’ in 1916. The initial federal income tax-rate in America was a graduated tax set at 1% for low wage earners and up to 6% for high earners. Soon, the top marginal tax-rate for high-earners rose to 15%, then to a high of 94% during the depression years. The Federal Reserve ‘plan’ was originally promoted to the people as a necessary mechanism to alleviate boom and bust cycles in the economy. Yet, in spite of Progressivism’s blusterous arrogant boasts about managing the economy, the reality was that due to progressive policies America was soon faced with the Great Depression from 1929-1939; followed by World War II, from 1939-1945.

Following the execrable installation of the federal income tax law, other taxes were also added, such as: Social Security Taxes (1937), State taxes, State sales taxes, City Taxes, County Taxes, Property Taxes, Cigarette Taxes, Alcohol Taxes, Energy Taxes, Aviation Taxes, Excise Taxes, Spanish-American War Taxes (that lasted beyond the year 2000), Telephone Taxes, Highway Taxes, Tire Taxes, Water Taxes, Gasoline Taxes, Investment Taxes, Licensing Fees, and a wide variety of other fees, etc. Almost everything you can possibly imagine is taxed one way or another; and too-often one way and another (Double Taxation!). [Consider this: In Old Testament biblical terms, a simple 10% tax on the people by a King was described by God to be a form of slavery and tyranny (1 Sam. 8: 10-18)].

All of these accumulated taxes would have been anathema to most American founders and their generation (Remember the Boston Tea Party?). The founders viewed taxation on income as an assault on one’s personal livelihood. They considered business-taxation not only an assault on business-owners, but also an indirect tax-assault on the people; as business-taxes had to be passed on to consumers. Prior to the progressive-era in America, no permanent income-tax on the general public existed except a temporary income tax (1864-1873) to help pay for and recover the cost of the civil war. This temporary civil-war tax and the creation of the IRS, however, would later lead to the idea of leveraging a ‘permanent’ tax-system on America by greedy, power hungry Progressives.

Today, the overall federal taxation for those who are above the poverty level in the U.S. averages about 32% per wage earner overall, according to federal government data. The tax system in America remains a graduated system as lower income earners pay at a much lower rate than higher wage earners. Contrary to pop-culture myths, the top 20% of high wage earners actually pay 88% of all federal income taxes in America (2018). But this only focuses on income taxes. There are, additionally, a laundry list of hidden taxes that easily make the tax burden for the average American 50% or more. (Tip: See the book; How Do I Tax Thee, by Kristin Tate, 2018).

As an interesting side-note; the strength of the U.S. Dollar rose incrementally and continuously from America’s founding up to the creation of the Federal Reserve Act. Since implementing the Federal Reserve System, the buying power of the American Dollar has continued to decrease ever since. Hence, the ever-increasing need for loans and credit.

Originally, the U.S. Constitution purposely limited the power of the federal-government, leaving the majority of power to the states and to the people. The Progressive’s re-interpretation of the U.S. Constitution removed or co-opted local-powers away from the states and the people, thereby centralizing power in the hands of United States federal-government. This took power away from the respective states and from the people. Prior to the Progressive era, most Americans had hardly ever thought about the federal government or Washington D.C. Today, the federal government increasingly has its hands in everything, taxing every segment of our lives and continually adding new laws, regulations and rules.

Although many early progressives payed lip-service to God, religion, or Christianity; progressivism by its own definition is a fundamental rejection of the American founder’s religious worldview. Progressivism rejects Judeo-Christian concepts, such as: God’s overall sovereignty, mankind’s freedom under God, natural-rights, unalienable-rights, and ‘natural-law and nature’s God.’ The whole premise of progressivism (and liberalism) is that, ‘man is the ultimate measure of all things.’ Therefore, mankind is solely determinative of morality, history and the future, through human-reason, science, and self-determination. This, according to progressives, will bring about the optimum civil law-order leading to a secularized utopian order. No godly advice needed.

As Progressive philosopher and American education reformer, John Dewey (1859-1952), a.k.a., the ‘father of modern education’ expressed it; “Natural rights and natural liberties exist only in the kingdom of mythological social zoology.” Dewey’s comment (like many others) was meant to be an arrogant assault against America’s founding Christian principles and worldview. Dewey helped promote and incorporate his anti-Christian secularized principles throughout all of American academia; beginning first with the universities and teacher-training colleges. It has since trickled down throughout all of American education, even religious education. America’s once prevalent religious-influences in government, law, and culture are largely excluded from American public education. This has left contemporary America as a historically uninformed and ignorant population regarding its founding Christian worldview and its original ideals for advancing good government.

In 1925, the American public was also confronted with a scientific challenge to the Bible’s Genesis account of Creation. The theory of evolution had been introduced in a high school textbook, A Civic Biology Presented in Problems, by author George W. Hunter. The use of the textbook by a teacher named John Scopes led to the Scopes Trial, a.k.a. the “Scopes Monkey Trial.” The book had been adopted in 1914 as a school textbook by the state of Tennessee. The trial was presented to the public as a ‘Science vs. the Bible’ confrontation by the Press of the day. Although substitute high school teacher John Scopes lost the trial and was fined; the Press was able to sway public opinion in favor of John Scopes during and after the trial. This was a major change in public sentiment in America concerning Scriptural authority, scientific-theory and their roll in public education. In retrospect Hunter’s book was shockingly anti-scientific by today’s standards. Hunter not only proposed an evolutionary link from monkey to man but also a link to; white supremacy, the case for human-eugenics, and for stopping vaccinations (in order to help eliminate unfit and diseased people). These were just a few of the disturbing beliefs of Hunter’s evolution-theory that not many people are aware of today. It also reflects, the often mythical-magical state of scientific intellectualism. In the last few decades, Darwin’s evolutionary-theory has not been holding-up well to modern scientific scrutiny and is continually being challenged by a growing number of scientific philosophers.

Humanism: A New Religion

In 1929, Charles F. Potter (1885-1958), a former Unitarian minister, founded the first Humanist Society of New York. In 1923-24 he had become a nationally known figure through a series of public debates with theologian Dr. John R. Straton regarding; Evolution vs. Creation, the Virgin birth, and the divine nature of Christ. Potter also assisted in the 1925 Scopes Trial, defending teacher John Scopes. Potter resigned from the Unitarian ministry in 1929 and founded the Humanist Society of New York whose advisory board included; Julian Huxley, John Dewey, Albert Einstein, and German novelist, Paul Thomas Mann. Then in 1930 Potter published “Humanism: A New Religion.” In his book Potter boldly stated his proposed opposition to religion; “Education is thus a most powerful ally of Humanism…what can the theistic Sunday Schools, meeting for an hour, once-a-week, and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching.”

Potter was also one of the original signers of the 1933 Humanist Manifesto. Additionally, in 1938 Potter founded the Euthanasia Society of America and campaigned against capital punishment. Potter seems to have been on a lifelong campaign against anything biblical, reflected in society.

Another distinct subversive attack on America’s founding Christian principles in the progressive era was with the formal publication of the Humanist Manifesto,1 in 1933. The Humanist Manifesto advanced the idea of a completely secular-humanist government in America. The original Humanist Manifesto was published and signed by many well-known dignitaries of the day, which gave it an air of intellectual authenticity and authority. The Manifesto’s publication, coincidently (if you believe in coincidences), coincided with the implementation of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal for America (1933).

The signers of the Humanist Manifesto declared themselves (within the manifesto) to be anti-supernatural, i.e., anti-theistic, anti-God. This was meant as a direct anti-Christian assault on America’s religious culture at that time. Philosophically, the Humanist Manifesto sought to undermine and subvert the religious nature of America’s founding documents as the pillars of religious freedom. America’s Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, and The Bill of Rights were originally considered the tri-fold foundation for the American Constitutional Republic under God. The Declaration of Independence not only declared America’s independence from England, it also declared and outlined America’s dependence upon God, His supreme authority, and divine providence overall. Thus, it formally declared the nation’s subservience and vicegerent representation as its preponderant duty to God. This is what Humanists and Progressives aggressively sought to forever subvert and change in America.

In addition to The Humanist Manifesto and FDR’s New Deal policies, the nominalized Social-Gospel movement had also become popular with many young Pastors during the Great Depression years. The Social Gospel movement had previously gained a small foothold in the 1880’s and after a couple of decades the movement’s ideals were adopted (in 1908) by the newly created, Rockefeller-funded — Federal Council of Churches – which was also instrumental in Prohibition legislation. By the 1920’s, the Social Gospel movement had gained prominence in mainline denomination churches and in the 1930’s became involved in helping implement FDR’s New Deal policies. This helped give FDR’s New Deal an air of religious validity for unwary religionists.

The ostensible Social-Gospel movement became convinced of the need for government intervention policies to ‘help the poor’ and mistakenly believed they were on the moral high-ground in supporting such punitive government-mandated policies. In reality, FDR’s New Deal policies failed miserably and actually helped to deepen and prolong the Great Depression. Franklin D. Roosevelt, through his charismatic rhetoric was always able to hood-wink the gullible public by claiming his New Deal policies were on the right path to economic restoration. However, his policies actually increased poverty everywhere; and records show FDR’s administration was well aware that his policies were producing continued economic failures.

Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, similar to Fabian-socialism and Keynesian style economics, was a sweeping foundational change in America. It was a quantum leap away from America’s original concept of free-market capitalism under God. FDR’s New Deal economics, infused with Mussolini inspired fascism, and the neo-liberal ideas of the new scientific-state, all formed a new alternative-plan for governing America. FDR publicly announced that his Administration marked the end of the progressive-era and the beginning of the new era of ‘liberalism’ in America. FDR presided over the Great Depression, yet remained extremely popular, winning four terms as president. The people truly believed he cared for them and was willing try anything in order to get America back on its feet. FDR’s cult-of-personality gave him a great deal of latitude with the people and with Congress. However, the Great Depression was deepened and prolonged as a result of his horrific economic policies. [Sadly, it was America’s involvement in World-War II that actually saved FDR’s reputation and revitalized the American economy].

Franklin D. Roosevelt (the father of American fascism) was a great admirer of the Italian fascist leader, Benito Mussolini, as were much of the American press and academia. Academic scholars and American journalists praised Mussolini and his fascism throughout the late 1920’s and into the mid 1930’s. FDR was extremely popular and criticism or opposition of him was largely ignored by the press. However, there was opposition to FDR’s New Deal policies, which included writers John T. Flynn, “As We Go Marching;” and journalist/author Henry Hazlitt, “Economics in One Lesson.” Their works were largely ignored by the press and academia of that era; but, in recent years have become far more popular among free-market economists in contemporary America.

[The “progressives” who today masquerade as “liberals” may rant against “fascism”; yet it is their policy that paves the way for Hitlerism. (Ludwig Von Mises, 1940)]

In addition to FDR’s New Deal and the transition from Progressivism to Liberalism; the publication and pronouncement of the Humanist Manifesto meant there was also a new religion demanding America’s allegiance. Humanism, along with FDR’s New Deal era of “liberalism,” was supposed to mark the death of America’s original Judeo-Christian ideals and the birth of a new secularized American order. Additionally, in the minds of certain elite leaders enamored with socialism and communism, this new-order would not be limited to America alone; some elite liberal thinkers believed this secularization could be expanded to the entire western-world and beyond.

[The Humanist Manifesto referred to itself as a secular-religion, and less than thirty years after its debut, the U.S. Supreme Court ‘officially’ recognized it as a religion (Torasco v. Watkins, 1961).]

In proposing the 1933 Humanist Manifesto for America, the humanists’ broader goal (by their own definition) was to arrive at an overall consensus for a “united design for a secular society on a planetary scale.” Although Secular-Humanism positioned itself publicly as a neutral civil-entity, it was and still is an anti-theistic religious-order designed to secularize and progressively de-Christianize American culture and ultimately, all of western civilization.

Certain Christians and clergymen were also signatories of the updated, Humanist Manifesto II (1973). The Democratic Party and Liberal-Christianity in the United States long ago became home to the original Humanist Manifesto philosophy in civil-governing and in influencing cultural trends and ideals. The foundational moral standard for Liberal-Christianity is no longer the Ten Commandments, nor the principles and ethics derived from them. Instead, they have adopted the secularized humanistic-inspired philosophy of the outspoken god-haters in modern society. If modern Democrats do make reference to the Scriptures, it is nearly always to distort or pervert its actual meaning or intent, as well as hoodwink naive religious voters.

What is the Agenda?

As previously noted, the Progressive agenda in American government gained permanent dominance with the implementation of the Federal Reserve System to control America’s monetary and economic policies. On an international scale, Progressive ideals first began with the Bretton Woods Agreement (end of WWII). The Bretton Woods Agreement established the initial framework for the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The Bretton Woods system established an agreement between 44 nations to regulate an ‘international monetary system’ through each nation’s monetary policies. The Bretton Woods system eventually collapsed in 1971 (officially recognized in 1976) after America had abandoned the gold-standard, but it still opened the door for developing an international organization for progressive policies.

One year after the Bretton Woods Agreement was signed (1945) the United Nations (UN) was also formed and implemented as an international peace-keeping organization. By 1970 its peace-keeping budget was dwarfed by its previous secondary goals of ‘economic development and cultural exchange,’ i.e., world-wide wealth distribution and coercive immigration policies. From here it essentially adopted and transitioned to the international monetary agenda that was initiated by the Bretton Woods Agreement.

Shortly thereafter in 1975, Algeria (Muslim) had emerged as the dominate power in the UN. Algeria then allied with Soviet Russia (USSR) and 77 Third-World nations to pass a resolution condemning Zionism (the re-establishment of Israel) as racism. Thus, Israel and its allies were condemned as racist nations. The anti-Israel Group of 77 (G77) is now comprised of 134 UN member states and is connected to; the ‘Group of 24,’ The International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank. Algeria may no longer hold dominance, but its UN group still wields much influence.

Today the international Progressive goals of the United Nations (UN) has been re-proposed and is being implemented according to its published (1993) Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a 21stcentury planetary-plan for the purpose of a one-world centralized government system designed to include and encompass the entire world. The UN’s one-world system is a worldwide network of national centralized-governments in subjugation to UN mandates and rules. It is currently well under way in Europe (EU) and is making serious fundamental inroads in Canada, the United States of America, and just about everywhere in the world, in varying degrees.

Agenda 21 is being implemented at grass-roots levels, under various names and titles, in local communities worldwide. Many local authorities and the people involved are often not aware of their local program’s affiliation with the UN’s agenda. The ‘UN Agenda 21’ goal is to be the worldwide government control-center for managing all nations under its sovereign authority. Agenda 21 is a communitarian project that develops (fascist) government/corporate partnerships globally, utilizing regional and local community cooperation’s. It is basically a worldwide totalitarian ‘corporatocracy’ with its fundamental pillars being ‘Economy, Ecology, and Equity.’ Agenda 21 promotes a benign sounding program called ‘Sustainable Development,’ which is a program designed to destroy or limit personal private-property rights and erode individual personal liberty overall. Just as early progressives removed or co-opted local-powers away from the states and the people by centralizing power in the federal-government; the United Nations (UN) is in the process of co-opting local and regional powers in America with the ‘blessing’ of the overly corrupted U.S. Government and its globalist allies.

Agenda 21 is advancing its international policy of Globalism and its politico-magical concept of leveraging a world-wide Climate-Change agenda as another tool of deception in gaining power and acquiring capital. It operates openly, yet it is not well known to the public (Thanks to the complicit corrupt American press). The Agenda 21 book is available at; online at At first glance, Agenda 21 appears to be a positive approach to world-wide problems with reasonable sounding solutions. In reality, it is a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing.’ Its underlying agenda is a worldwide fascist-order that seeks totalitarian global rule and the suppression of liberty, freedom, and religious influence. It is thus, against the Bill of Rights and Constitutional representative governments. The UN’s elite Globalism by a network of willing government entities and cooperatives, ultimately seeks to subvert all representative (republican) government systems and national sovereignties around the world. Thus, it increases its controlling-power by destroying freedom, liberty, and local-power in the hands of the people. (Consider a combination of Aldous Huxley’s 1932 book, “Brave New World,” George Orwell’s 1949 book “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” and the 1998 movie, “The Truman Show.”)

Rosa Koire, a former forensic commercial real estate appraiser and expert in eminent domain valuation, has been doing wonderful work as a whistleblower in exposing Agenda 21 to the general public. Koire has written and published the book “Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21,” (2011) and speaks on the regional and local community impacts of the UN’s agenda. Koire is also a member of the board of directors for the Post-Sustainability Institute located at UN Agenda 21 is the latest chapter of the Progressive quest for a world-order under mankind’s total authority. It seeks to provide a humanistic peaceful utopia apart from the development of government under God as initiated by America’s founding. The UN seeks to supersede America’s worldwide influence. Its ongoing pursuit is the exaltation of humankind and mankind’s perennial desire to return to the self-glorifying quest of ancient Babel. Sadly, Pope Francis has recently commented: “When we acknowledge international organizations and we recognize their capacity to give judgment, on a global scale…our duty is to obey…we must obey international institutions. That is why the United Nations were created.” (Pope Francis, Sept. 2019: — as reported by Michael J. Matt., Editor, The Remnant). Sad, or just plain evil (?) – you decide.

The historic goals of America’s secular-humanists, since the 1930’s, has been the incremental elimination of any and all Christian influenced laws or law-principles in government and their influence on American culture. Since the publication of the Humanist Manifesto, Humanist’s and their allies have continuously and incrementally carried-out a variety of assaults on public religious expression and especially on the Christian ideals and standards America was founded on. Humanists view any social-order positioned under-God’s sovereignty, as mankind’s superstitious (and dangerous) problem.2 Thus, they believe in the absolute authority of man’s overall-consensus (by an elite group) as being the best solution to mankind’s superstitious god-problem. In so doing, they have faithfully set-out to usurp the Judeo-Christian belief in the authority of God and the relevance of His revealed-word to mankind. While arrogantly claiming for themselves, not only autonomy from God, but also absolute power and authority in place of God’s sovereignty. In possessing such a high degree of self-righteousness, they naturally position themselves as more reasonable, compassionate, tolerant and loving than the God of the Bible!

With the humanist’s arrogant view of invoking mankind’s authority over God, it naturally follows that any expression of orthodox Christianity should be systematically suppressed and relegated to being a personal private-matter, away from public expression and consumption. In America, this ‘suppression of expression’ began by gaining federal legal status in the Supreme Court with the Emerson vs. Board of Education case (1947). This deceptively drafted, duplicitous ruling, unjustly handcuffed the original Constitutional concept of “free expression of religion” by outlawing all expressions of Christianity at any governmental level. This personalized religious suppression on government employees worked extremely well for several decades in intimidating individuals and disrupting their Constitutional right of freedom of expression. Especially in targeting traditional Christianity; the Progressive’s/Humanist’s main enemy.

Again, in 1954, anti-Christian Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson, introduced legislation (501(c)(3) to begin regulating non-profit organizations and churches. Johnson’s nefariously veiled legislation was aimed at regulating non-profit political activities, including church funding and church activities in elections. This gave the Federal Government’s IRS the power to threaten and punish all transgressors. This helped Johnson target specific geographical voting blocs where polls showed he had been defeated by a large Christian-voter turnout. Restrictions, regulations and threats on churches have continued in spite of their U.S. Constitutional guarantees. The (501(c)(3) stands as another glaring example of how Democrats execute violence against the Constitution and the people; under the cover of so-called ‘Constitutional-legislation.’

Recently, it has been shown under the ultra-corrupt anti-Christian presidency of Barak Obama, how this legislation can be used as a sledge hammer against certain non-profits, churches, and the people. The Obama Administration, using multiple federal government agencies including the IRS and intelligence agencies, targeted Christian and conservative groups and individuals for retribution, maltreatment and vengeance. (Religious freedom declined substantially under President Obama for the first time in American history according to Pew Research).

Throughout the early decades of the 1900’s, the adherents to secular humanistic philosophies began implementing Humanist ideals in Universities, teacher-training colleges, news media outlets, literature, and other venues throughout American culture. The new ideals were facilitated and funded to a large degree by the foundations of America’s wealthy philanthropic elite. The Progressives/Humanists overall ideal for America (and beyond) was for their elite-colleagues to arrive at an overall-consensus of a set of common principles that could serve as a basis for a unified plan of action to change America away from its religious roots, to a secular homogenized society. This has been incrementally implemented in a mostly subversive way, under the radar, away from mainstream America’s public consumption. This unforthcoming suppression was aided by the corrupt, complicit, secular American Press, who helped carry-the-water for advancing the Progressives/Humanists statist agenda by not reporting to the public its nefarious bureaucratic programs or their unconstitutional methods of subversion.

The Divisive Nature of Progressivism/Liberalism

The Progressive/Humanist adoption of a Marxist inspired approach in America has created a permanently growing divide among American voters. The culmination of incrementally implementing such alien ideals over the last several decades has increasingly caused an ever-widening chasm, not only on the political and the religious landscape of America, but also throughout the broader culture. It has become the common practice of humanists and political leftist-liberals to exploit and drive wedges between society’s rich and poor; between racial ethnic groups; employers and employees, the religious and non-religious, and between the sexes, etc. All this is done while simultaneously feigning peace, tolerance, and unity; and while accusing others of being the divisive ones! Of course, their idea of peace, tolerance, and unity only exists if you submit to their leaders and their never-ending need for imposing new legislation, laws, programs, bureaucracies, taxes, etc. This is how Democratic-Fascism becomes normalized in American life, always with the sham promise of fairness, equality, and a future utopia just around the corner. This is how corrupt politicians and their perverted allies swindle gullible American voters into becoming tools of the statist mentality.

Anti-liberal Liberalism

America’s founding ideals of ‘Government under God,’ inalienable rights, and limited-government is directly contrary to Progressive/Humanist law-orders. Modern leftist-liberalism may be liberal in normalizing licentiousness, sexual-immorality, criminal behavior, and political-chaos; but it also becomes increasingly intolerant of outward religious-expressions that may be in opposition to regressive, politically-correct, leftist-liberal standards. Progressives/Humanists continually seek to legally suppress and limit public religious-expression as being a personal private-matter, outside of public expression. Legal and cultural suppression have naturally become common tactics for progressive-liberals in fighting against religious-liberty in America. Their religious hostility minimizes open public-discourse, oppresses free religious-expression, and openly perpetuates violence against liberty and religious freedom. For the leftist-liberal mindset it is perfectly acceptable to intolerantly ridicule public religious-expression as being; out of the mainstream, against the greater good, a strange-thing, a thing of the past, outdated or even as hate-speech! That would not be a problem if it were just their silly, politically-correct verbal criticisms; but, because they are intolerant totalitarian-fascists by nature, they always endeavor to pass laws to suppress free-speech and free religious expression. Apparently, multi-cultural-diversity does not extend to their list of politically-incorrect groups.

In its contemporary form, leftist-liberalism is a severe-bastardization of classical-liberalism and is better described in today’s America as the co-mingling of Marx’s class-warfare, fascism, and totalitarianism. The leftist-liberal political ‘playbook’ routinely advocates promoting enclaves of fear, division, intimidation, and political-correctness. They also provide a long list of ‘dog-whistles’ to set off democratic-mobocracy tactics that appeal to envy, jealousy, covetousness, lust, greed, race, retribution, group-think, and outright destruction and violence. Most rational people would be ashamed of such barbarous public behaviors, but political-leftists routinely spew-out their phony self-righteous platitudes of helping the poor or fighting for social justice in order to justify their perverted public antics. Every new generation wants to be the new wave of the future. But if that new wave includes adopting old failed paradigms and support for increased fascism and totalitarian rule, then it should be publicly exposed and condemned for what it is.

American Liberalism > How to Suck the Life out of a Church

In the early 1900’s, America’s mainline Christian churches became increasingly nominalized as progressive clergymen not only perverted the Christian faith, but acquired the church’s capital, assets, pension funds and church investments. Once they gained monetary control, they seemingly had little consideration for the long-term well-being of the church. As mainline Christian church denominations fell to liberal-subversion, they soon began a slow demise into mediocrity, lifelessness, and irrelevance. Their influence on the surrounding culture was greatly reduced as they effectively became, like forgotten old museums. Once they killed the dynamic spirit of the church, they were limited to simply helping the poor. As long as impotent churches keep to themselves and help the poor, liberals won’t harass them. This weak and myopic vision of American progressivism on churches normally reduces their overall potential in communities and keeps them from becoming vigorous, dynamic, forces. They progressively move the people away from faith, sanctification, inviolability, and reliance on the sovereign God — to faith and reliance on ‘the state’ as mankind’s liberator and savior.

How Syncretistic Faith Devolves into Idolatry

The Old Testament Book of Hosea dealt with Israel’s idolatry in transgressing God’s covenant and its rebellion against God’s Law at that time in history. Israel, while in its idolatry, simultaneously continued in offering ritual sacrifices and burnt offerings to God. They were religiously, going through the motions, but God declared that their worship was in vain. Israel had compromised its faith and relationship to God by turning from faithfulness and loyalty to God’s Law to a syncretistic-faith combined with Gentile (heathen) ways. In the New Covenant era, Jesus called-out the Pharisees, to go and learn from the Scriptures; from the prophet, Hosea:

When Jesus overheard the Pharisees ask His disciples why their Teacher ate with tax collectors and sinners, He responded by instructing the Pharisees to go and learn the meaning of Hosea 6:6; “For I desire [mercy] and not sacrifice, and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.” (The word ‘mercy’ in this verse’s context, more precisely refers to faithfulness or loyalty).

During the prophet Hosea’s era, (and at other times) Israel became negatively influenced by its surrounding pagan cultures. This, in God’s view, was considered spiritual-adultery. Israel, by departing from God’s covenant had rebelled against His laws and ways. Israel had compromised herself with unbelievers who considered God’s Law a strange thing. In her unfaithfulness and lawlessness, [God said] Israel had become “like a silly dove without sense” or literally, without heart. Jesus’ main point to the Pharisees was that they too had departed from faithfulness to God and His law, by simply observing man-made traditions and rituals. They had inadvertently become self-righteous. They’re worship of God had become a vain thing before God. Therefore, when the Pharisees self-righteously demanded a sign from Jesus, He warned them that they could only expect the sign of Jonah; and they would be judged by the repentant men of Nineveh.

Knuckle-Dragging Progressive/Liberals

The Progressive/Humanist philosophy of today, simply represents a subconscious return to the repackaged ways of ancient heathen-inspired empires. Basically, new ways of serving the ancient concepts of false-gods and idols of the non-believing nations in history. Humanists are by nature, in opposition and fearful of the governing principles based in God’s law system. Far from offering or establishing any real new ideas for their secular-utopian-orders, humanists have only put forth rehashed ideas of historically failed civilizations. Secular law-orders such as communism, socialism, polytheistic orders, and pure-democracies have reflected history’s many failures. They all reflect alternative forms of anthropocentric empires repackaged and presented as some grand new idea for the evolution of human government. A contemporary religious example is Liberation Theology which syncretizes anti-Christian Marxism with Christianity — a true bastardization of the Christian faith – a self-defeating, suicidal theology that in practice is destructive of true faith.

Modern secular philosophy intentionally alienates itself from transcendent reality and human reality in order to pursue a mythical utopian world-order. Secularists believe they can achieve their pursuits through politics and coercion (force of law) through the state. Humanistic law-orders naturally progress towards politically-correct totalitarian orders. Faithful humanists believe they will bring about the necessary humanitarian changes for cultural salvation and a glorious secularized utopia. As writer/philosopher Hannah Arendt pointed-out in her work, The Origins of Totalitarianism; “There is only one thing that seems discernible: we may say that radical evil has emerged in connection with a system in which all men have become equally superfluous.”

When Christianity unites itself with humanistic inspired social and political ideals, it, cognitively, syncretizes itself to the humanistic ideals of the unredeemed world. It then falls into spiritual compromise, spiritual adultery, and vain-worship. The perennial lesson from Old Testament Israel is that God views non-normative deviation from His law-word and His ways as; spiritual-adultery, idolatry, faithless, vanity, rebellion, heartless, lawless, senseless, silly, and self-righteous. Israel’s spiritual syncretism and multiculturalism ultimately led them to devolving into religious idolatry and vain-worship.

The book of Amos explains that Israel had again fallen into idolatry, apostasy, and social-injustice. Although they were politically stable and prosperous, they also displayed a self-righteous pride in their own human achievements. Israel, in its affluence, became slack and irresponsible towards justice as well as superficial in their worship. They outwardly displayed a form of worship, yet, lived like pagans in fulfilling their fleshly human desires. They also believed that they were above evil, that evil could not come upon them. Although they knew the will of God, they refused to conform their own will with God’s will. They essentially subordinated God to their own selfish desires and pleasures. All this obscured their perception of God. God takes community justice seriously and judges all accordingly. His righteous standard is His law-word and humanistic deviations are an afront to God. God therefore sifts and disciplines His people; and judges all according to His sovereign will.

God told Abraham: ‘my covenant is with you, and you shall be the father of a multitude of nations. In the New Covenant era, Jesus not only judges’ individuals, but also judges nations in their obedience to God’s ways. Nations and their governments are thus responsible to God for their own God-ordained principles to follow; in protecting their citizenry and providing justice for all its citizens and visitors. The Church and individual Christians are also called upon to influence their fellow-man as well as kings and kingdoms. This requires that citizens have the necessary environment of freedom and liberty to do so. In nations where religious freedom and liberty is suppressed, so too is their capability to influence the surrounding culture. God’s kingdom-people have been called and empowered to be an example and a witness to all nations and to the unbelieving world at large. Jesus’ parable of the Mustard Seed indicates that God’s gospel-kingdom church is meant to be an ever-growing, ever-expanding, influential kingdom that provides a kingdom-centered refuge for believers and for commiserative unbelievers alike.

Voluntarism and Separation of Church and State in the New World

One of the main things that brought colonists to the North American continent in the early 1600’s, was the atmosphere of religious-persecution they had experienced in Europe. For most Protestant believers, the North American new-world meant a fresh-start and the ability to worship freely, without restraint or persecution. The old-world in Europe was a world of contention, religious wars, and religious bigotries. Old-world religion held to the conviction that the ‘uniformity of religion’ must exist in any society. This conviction rested on the belief that there was one true religion and that it was the duty of civil-authorities to impose it on its citizenry, by force if necessary. This general attitude existed throughout most of Europe at that time in history.

In the early American colonies, some religious immigrants brought their old-world-ways with them. But that changed over time as the Anabaptists, Quakers, and Baptists promoted the concept of the separation of church and state. That idea spread throughout the colonies and 150-years later, during America’s founding era, that idea became an integral part of the colonists’ overall desire for independence from England. The separation-theory held that all direct-connections between the state and institutionalized religion must be separated in order that America might become, a free Christian nation. To advance their cause, the New England Baptists formed the Warren Association in 1769. The Warren Association believed their dream for a truly ‘Christian America’ was not being abandoned, but merely believed its true essence could not be forced or coerced by the government. As they saw it, the church and religion in general, should be totally free and voluntary in its public expression; free from government interference.

One of the members of the Warren Association was a Baptist minister named Isaac Backus. Backus believed that truth is great and that truth will ultimately prevail (Truth as the revealed doctrines of Scripture). Backus believed God had appointed two different kinds of government which differ in nature; one is civil and the other is ecclesiastical. Backus said the civil-legislature does not function as our representative in religious affairs. Furthermore, he added that legislative-power is inappropriate for guiding one’s personal faith. Backus affirmed religious expression is voluntary obedience unto God which a forced-coercion cannot provide.

Isaac Backus thus developed the idea of voluntarism which helped promote the evangelical position of the separation of church and state3 that both the revivalists and the rationalists could each find common ground. This common ground between the revivalist-men and the reasonable-men found mutual agreement in replacing the European old-world concept of coerced-uniformity by the state. Thus, religion could be separate – but – free. Free to practice, free to express, and free to influence fellow citizens and its government representatives.

In today’s highly secularized, politicized, statist-climate, Backus’s voluntarism is being eroded and endangered. Secular-humanists and the bureaucratic-state have turned-the-tables on religion, as they now seek to force religion (mostly Christianity) into the federal governments’ uniformity-of-secularism, or uniformity of anti-religion. Using fascist coercive tactics and forcing secular-humanist ideals on religionists, they continually seek to restrict free-expression and religious liberty. Humanism’s forced uniformity of secularism, beginning back in the 1920’s, has waged a war of religious-intolerance against the American Revolution’s Christian ideals by embracing an anti-religious archetype. Today’s growing anti-Christian environment is also costing the Church financially to defend itself unnecessarily, from what used to be considered — its Constitutionally protected right — and more importantly, its transcendent right, recognized as delegated by God.

After World-War II, the American government legally adopted a newly-revised version of the ‘separation of church and state.’ Secularists put forth a Marxist or Soviet-style version which basically handcuffed the church by limiting its Constitutional guarantee of free-expression. This Marxist-statist version required churches to limit free-expression and practice their faith as a private-matter. This turned the American church inward, like a ‘kept-church.’ This religious bigotry and intolerance came from the so-called liberals! What’s worse, for many years, much of Christianity went along with the secularist’s demands as if Jesus was no longer allowed in the public arena. But this secular intolerance has begun to gain push-back in the last few decades.

The incremental destruction and ultimate death of the influence of the Christian faith in America was long ago plotted, planned and remains in progress by its perennial enemies. Today those enemies include key elements of the humanistic statist-establishment in America and throughout the western-world. This is an ongoing bureaucratic stealth-like destruction through threats, punitive regulations, licensing, taxation and overreaching government-controls (A plethora of secular-humanist commandments of do’s and don’ts). Little by little, year after year, bureaucratic statist controls are introduced, implemented and enforced in communities, towns, cities, counties, states and ultimately placed under the centralized-control of national government. This model, with certain variations, has increasingly made-up most of western civilization for the last century. This progressive statism that has grown throughout the 20th century is stirring-up people throughout the western-world and is gaining pushback everywhere. The pushback is being met with heavy resistance which will eventually be defeated. The Press, along with certain large corporations, in league with the bureaucratic state, are teaming-up to help suppress free-speech and freedom of religion as a distinctively American value. The way they see it; if they can kill freedom and liberty in America, the entire world will submit to their worldwide statist agenda.

In America, the foundational statist framework was first set-up long ago in the early 1900s, during the progressive-era. It was permanently set in place during Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration. FDR not only put in place the beginnings of Keynesian style Socialism, but also instituted a form of Mussolini’s economic-fascism as well. Since that time, it has continually expanded and become further entrenched in America’s life and politics. This has since caused an ever-increasing divide between democratic-republican Constitutionalists and the progressive-liberal bureaucratic-statists. America was initially governed by republican and democratic ideals under the rule of law as outlined in the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Both parties held to similar goals but with differing methods of achieving them. But as the Democratic Party fully embraced Progressivism in the 20th century, it also began to welcome Euro-Marxian ideals that were completely contrary to America’s original ideals and principles of Constitutional government under God. Thus, we have the two prominent political parties striving towards completely different goals. This, as I see it, is why we have an ever-widening gap in America’s main political parties and an ever-divisive wedge in voters’ loyalties and how they view the concept of America. The parties are battling for two different Americas; one for developing America’s Constitutional concept, and the other for expanding the Euro-Marxian concept of progressive-liberal ideals of a secular world order.

“Fascism is socialism with a capitalist veneer.” (Richmond Sheldon)

Roland Huntford, in The New Totalitarians (1971), rightly described what this new (fascist) totalitarianism is: “The older model of the totalitarian state is the Soviet Union, a model in sorry internal disarray and decay. Its instrument of power was terror, total terror. [However]…this new totalitarianism relies on a state school system to control and brainwash the people, on the medical-model of law, on the regulation and control of every area of life while maintaining the form of freedom, and so on. It is the new totalitarianism, a development of the old fascism. All over the world, it is on the march, and one of its main targets is naturally Biblical faith.”

Originally, America’s Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights sought to secure freedom and liberty under God, for an entire nation, for the first time in world history. Today’s perverted fascist politics continually moves America backwards towards a European style bureaucratic-state. The bureaucratic-state aspires to take us backwards to a time when individual freedoms, property rights, and the entrepreneurial-spirit were suppressed by nations or not allowed to exist. The move for an all-powerful centralized-statist-government, a collective society, is a move backwards in history, not a progressive move forward. The 20th century brought about an onslaught of nefarious government policies designed to incrementally destroy America’s founding ideals of limited-government power, free-market capitalism, a free press, and a free and open religious expression. Christianity’s ‘free-market capitalism’ is THE innovative cumulative cure for the destructive ideologies of fascism, socialism, and communism.

In describing capitalism’s free-market economics, Dr. Gary North explained, “When Christianity adheres to the judicial specifics of the Bible, it produces free-market capitalism. Capitalism is the inevitable product of the Bible’s law-order and its laws governing money. Free-market capitalism produces long-term economic growth. The Bible mandates a moral and legal social order that inevitably produces free-market capitalism. The Bible develops a relationship between a free-market social order and a system of Biblical ethics. Capitalism is anti-coercive. The Bible is an anti-socialist document. There has never been an expository Bible commentary that shows that the Bible teaches anything other than free market capitalism.”

Secular Humanism Turns Government Against Religion

In the United States, as a part of the leftist-liberal totalitarian evolution, the Church is being systematically reclassified as a ‘charitable trust,’ by certain government agencies instead of being classified ‘religious.’ This humanistic anti-Christian ‘charitable trust doctrine’ is also used hand in hand with another nefarious federal government doctrine, the public-policy doctrine. These doctrines are used by the I.R.S. and various local, state, and federal agencies as anti-Constitutional subversion tactics against churches. This over-reaching government doctrine insists that whatever is contrary to ‘public-policy’ is thereby not entitled to tax-exemption, nor the free-exercise of faith. These subversive anti-Christian policies became crystal clear with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (Obama-Care) and the federal government’s fascist-coercion by the Obama administration in attempting to force religious organizations to comply with public-policy doctrine; against their own religious faith practice. This was a direct government assault on religious freedom and liberty by then President Obama. Together — the reclassification of the Church and the fascist inspired public-policy doctrine — make it clear, the American government when run as a secularized fascist-order by tyrannical leftists, has an insatiable desire to gain control and be sovereign over every facet of American life; including the life and beliefs of the Church. As such, it is a secular-humanist, police-state fundamentalism.

In order to turn-around the highly secularized and entrenched bureaucratic-state in America it will likely take decades of dedicated time, effort, and prayer. But it can be transformed, if the Church cares about its ability to operate freely and effectively. The nation does not have to implode in its own monetary debt and spiritual depravity. America is not ‘the Church,’ per-se, but the Church makes-up a considerable portion of America’s population. America has always been recognized as a Christian nation, before and after its founding; in spite of what antagonistic, uninformed critics or atheists say. America is only one of many battlegrounds facing the Christian faith worldwide. But it is a very influential Christian front, known and observed throughout the world. Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against His church (Matt. 16:18). Christianity in America is one part of the worldwide Church and needs to hold its ground and prevail against Christ’s enemies. Jesus sent His people the Holy Spirit to empower His church, to proclaim the gospel everywhere and overcome the world (1 Jn. 5:4,5). Jesus encourages believers, “If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you (Matt. 17:20).

It is the duty of all Christian believers, the Church, to move forward in maintaining, sustaining and developing a world that welcomes an environment that is free to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus calls-on His people to overcome His enemies in carrying out the Great Commission to all the world. Jesus said, in the Parable of the Minas; “But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me” (Luke 19:27). The spiritual defeat of the worldly mentality of a secularized autonomous world ruled by self-appointed human-gods continues to be warred against by Jesus Christ the conqueror, through His victorious gospel message, the Holy Spirit, and through His faithful people.

The desire of Progressivism in America was and is to minimize or destroy its roots in Christianity. For Progressivism and Liberalism, orthodox biblical Christianity is the main problem to advancing their agenda for a united world-order and a secularized utopia. Their agenda is for a secular world-order under the so-called scientific-state, controlled by an elite community of overseers who see themselves as astute demi-gods with the sui generis capability of ruling over Christianity’s biblical God and Creator of the universe. Although progressivism, liberalism, and secular humanism have been at war with the Constitution and Christianity, Americans have largely remained surprisingly religious and devoted to their faith.

“The wicked plots against the just, and gnashes at him with his teeth.
The Lord laughs at him, for He sees that his day is coming.
The wicked have drawn the sword and have bent their bow,
To cast down the poor and needy, to slay those who are of upright conduct.                           Their sword shall enter their own heart, and their bows shall be broken.”                    
Psalm 37: 12-15