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The Injustice of Just Price, Just Wages, Just Compensation, and Value Theory

Labor and Unequal Exchange By Timothy D. Terrell  [Recently] I attended a conference on Christianity and economics at Baylor University. I presented a paper of my own, on the necessity of the price system to environmental stewardship, but mostly I … Continue reading

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Family Capital and Redistribution

Building Family Capital By Timothy D. Terrell  Theologian Ron Sider is well known for his book Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger, which established him as an icon among left-wing evangelicals. In that book, Sider makes a controversial call for … Continue reading

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Eco-justice or Eco-fascism?

Ecojustice and the Church By Timothy D. Terrell   One of the buzzwords of the modern environmental movement has been ecojustice, a term which has been adopted with enthusiasm by theological liberals. Presumably, their idiosyncratic use of the term justice … Continue reading

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