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Suppression as a Means of Liberation?

Political Language and the Lust for Tyranny By Michael Wagner  Dressing Up Bad Ideas The human mind is cunning, and so bad ideas continue to appeal to God-rejecting men. Indeed, these bad ideas can be dressed-up in nice terminology so … Continue reading

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Liberalism, Socialism, and Social Justice

Liberalism, Socialism, and Social Justice By Friedrich August Hayek              All people, whether primitive or civilized, organize what they perceive partly by means of attributes that language has taught them to attach to groups of … Continue reading

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Evangelicalism and the Knowledge of Truth

Truth, Contemporary Philosophy, and Postmodernism by J.P. Moreland Ph.D.             It is difficult to think of a topic of greater concern than the nature of truth. Indeed, truth and the knowledge thereof are the very rails upon which people ought … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit: Theology, Language, and the Gospel

The Holy Spirit by Jim Lee (SlimJim) Reblogged from veritasdomain.wordpress.com   Introduction For the Christian who participates in the task of theology, the use of language is unavoidable.  Language becomes what oxygen is to breathing: The process of theology necessarily involves interaction … Continue reading

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