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Likening Che Guevara to Jesus?

Likening Che Guevara to Jesus is Despicable By Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol I have so many reasons to describe any comparison between Che Guevara and Jesus Christ as the most despicable, ignorant act that any human being could do. … Continue reading

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Conducting Foreign Policy with Presupposed Lies?

Obama ‘Brings Knife to Gunfight’ with Castro! By Humberto Fontova As usual with Obama’s policies let’s start with the lie: “We’ve always made it clear that there’s no equivalence between an international development worker imprisoned for more than four years … Continue reading

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A Fictional Narrative vs. Reality on Cuba

President Obama Didn’t Tell the Whole Story about Cuba By Mike Gonzalez Because President Obama has a fascist liberal worldview, he is incapable of providing a truthful narrative on almost any subject. The same holds true with regards to his recent … Continue reading

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A Revolutionary Parable about Redemption through Sacrifice(s)

Che` Guevara, Playa Giron and Social Justice “A Revolutionary Parable about Redemption through Sacrifice(s)” By Peter C. Coker  Increasingly — especially in the last five or six years – I awaken to discover that overnight, the earth’s axis has been … Continue reading

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