Liberalism, Open Borders, Child Sex Slaves, Human Trafficking

The Vatican, U.S. Politicians, and Open Border Policies Pushing

the World Child Sex and Human Trafficking Business

 By Tony Elliot

(Previously Posted by Godfather Politics) August 20, 2018

Recently, a Pennsylvania grand jury released a report revealing decades of child abuse allegations against more than 300 Catholic priests and also claims the Roman Catholic Church covered up the crimes and obstructed justice to avoid any scandals.

Over 1000 victims were identifiable via the Church’s own records. Of course, the real number is much higher than this when taking into consideration the victims who did not report being abused, those who were ignored when they did report it, and the reports that were never filed.

On a world scale, millions of children have been sexually abused by the Vatican’s massive web of Roman Catholic Churches dating back to its conception. Since the Vatican is a country itself existing in the city of Rome, Italy, it is not surprising that it is heavily involved in the world sex and slavery trade, like so many in US government are.

We have a world Cabal of child sex trade in all aspects as well as human trafficking that has become one of the biggest businesses in the world today. Even wars have been waged on countries to bring in suitable governments allowing the sale of humans for sex and slavery. The most notable war for this purpose was the NATO war on Libya to topple Moamar Gaddafi and allow terrorist factions to take control over the country. The sex and slave trade is also the primary reason the Obama regime and Hillary Clinton ran weapons to militant terrorist groups in Syria via Benghazi to topple the Assad government. With both Libya and Syria devoid of a legitimate governments and run by militant Islamist’s, the sale of humans for sex and slavery would become commonplace.

Because of Wikileaks, we have found out that just about everyone involved with Bill and Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, and many in Washington are involved in the worldwide business of child sex trade and human trafficking. From John Podesta, Anthony Weiner, George Nader and many other prominent individuals in Washington we see the vast extent of people in our government who have vested interests in the business of human trafficking for sex and slavery.

This illicit business is the main reason that most Socialist Leftists politicians want open borders at any cost. This because the flow of human slaves would come to a screeching halt if the US border with Mexico were to be closed to anyone who wants to cross it illegally. As it is now, President Trump is causing this illicit business to lose billions of dollars via stepped up scrutiny of everyone who crosses the border from Mexico.

In 2017, Dr. Phil exposed the business of the sex and slavery trade when he interviewed a victim known only as Kendall. During the show, the victim explained how she was actually born into sex slavery having been sold by her parents to her owner.

She states that her entire existence revolved around the demands of her owner and the clients he would pimp her out to. In her own words, she explained that she would travel all over the world to big events to meet clients to have sex with them. Among those who raped her were high ranking law enforcement officials, major sports figures, and top US politicians.

Kendall went on, to say that many clients were pillars of the community, adding that some owned private islands or large pieces of property where they could rape and hunt their victims. She mentioned registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton’s friend as having a private jet known as the Lolita Express where they would fly high level businessmen and politicians to his Orgy Island.

With the Roman Catholic Church’s long extensive record of child abuse along with the many individuals in big business and political power involved with the world child sex trade and human trafficking business, it is not surprising that the Vatican would also be involved.

In the grand scheme of things, we have a massive worldwide business-web going on, involving officials at the very top of the ladder all the way down in politics, the Vatican, and big business who have vested interests, investments, and being paid via this worldwide child sex slavery and human trafficking trade.

This is also primarily the reason behind why in the US alone, there are over 800,000 children that go missing each year.


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