Beware of Deranged and Vengeful Hillary Supporters

social idiotChristians Targets of Hate Following        Hillaryamerican flag Loss

by Paul Hair

December, 2016

Christians are increasingly the target of hate following Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 presidential election.

As progressives lie about Islamophobia and hate crimes by Donald Trump supporters, as part of their influence operations designed to delegitimize Trump’s election, they are also increasingly targeting Christians with demonization and other attacks.occupy-4

Soon after Election Day, BuzzFeed went after reality TV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines for attending a Bible-believing church.

Meanwhile, Christian News Network reported on Dec. 6 that an “Appeals Panel Made Up of ‘Gay Rights’ Activists Allow Fine to Stand Against B&B That Declined Same-Sex Ceremony.” On the same day, the Daily Signal reported that, “This Filmmaking Couple Doesn’t Want to Be Punished for Not Promoting Same-Sex Marriage.”

gay-flagsAnd One News Now reported on Dec. 5 that a “Gay state official challenges group’s ‘charitable’ status.”

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has seen a number of anti-Christian incidents following Hillary’s loss in the election.

PennLive ran stories on Dec. 5 and Dec. 7 about Pittsburgh officials working to criminalize attempts to keep children away from sodomy. On Dec. 13, PennLive wrote that Pittsburgh succeeded in that attempt and noted that the anti-Christian legislation was directly tied to the presidential election.

Pittsburgh has formally adopted Pennsylvania’s first ban on the controversial practice of “conversion” or “ex-gay” therapy for minors, weeks after it first proposed the measure amid mounting post-election anxiety.

Anti-Christian hate wasn’t just confined to the western part of Pennsylvania. WGAL 8 reported on Dec. 6 that someone vandalized a Lancaster-area church with “666” and “upside-down crosses.”AAA

And the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Dec. 22 that, “Across Pennsylvania, Baby Jesus keeps getting stolen from nativity scenes.” The author of the Inquirer article treated these attacks as jokes.

The tradition isn’t new; it’s become so ubiquitous that there’s even a Wikipedia page devoted to Baby Jesus theft. . . .

The thefts, often attributed to someone wanting to pull a prank, are so prevalent that one company, BrickHouse Security, has a “GPS Jesus” program that offers free GPS devices to churches and nonprofits so they can track the location of any stolen statues.

The increased hatred and attacks against Christians following Hillary Clinton’s loss coincides with hatred and attacks on people who backed Trump in the election.

Expect attacks on Christians to continue for the next four years as [intolerant-suppressive] progressives and their [fascist-minded] supporters become increasingly deranged and vengeful as the result of [Hillary] Clinton losing the presidential election.


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