The Emerging New World and the End of the 20th Century

science experimentThe Left’s Anti-Christian Revolution is Being Challenged

tax the richBy Carlos Bernardino

When one witnesses the delusional fascist-inspired-offspring and ill-informed neo-Marxists roaming the streets in disruptive and violent protest, it is easy to see the counter-revolution’s time has come. And it is unfolding in Europe as well as the United States. No longer do “the people” care to see their country’s society and cultures infiltrated with violent anti-Christian movements — with increasingly hostile ideologies that promote lawlessness, hatred for goodness, divisiveness, and the love of evil. freedom rallyThe people have had enough of the lefts repeated failures and their anti-Christian, humanistic ideologies that have plagued the Western-World for several decades. The people are now beginning to take steps to push-back and change their destiny. A growing sentiment to the right in much of Europe, along with England’s Brexit vote, and president-elect Donald Trump’s victory are fast becoming a lightning-rod for helping to facilitate that change on both sides of the Atlantic.fall lake

In France, Ms. Marine Le Pen of the right-leaning National Front party is now being taken more seriously as a political force in her own presidential bid. With the success of Trump’s election in America, mainstream French news outlets are now asking; could it happen here? Ms. Le Pen said, “It shows that when the people really want something, they can get it…When the people want to take their destiny in hand, they can do it, despite this ceaseless campaign of denigration and infantilization…It’s the emergence of a new world, it’s the end of the 20th century.” Former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin said, “Ms. Pen could win in France.”

firewaterFar right politicians from the Balkans to the Netherlands have greeted the election of Donald Trump with great enthusiasm and a hope for a radical change in their own country’s political landscape’s. Along with a heightened nationalism and anti-globalism, they envision a more common-sense approach to the senseless immigration policies that are damaging the security and safety of its citizenry, and bringing violence to their streets, neighborhoods and communities.Sailing - JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race - Cowes

Office seeker, Geert Wilders of the Netherlands saw Mr. Trump’s victory as a positive and hopeful sign for his own political aspirations, proclaiming a revolutionary new order was born this week. Mr. Wilders, who is the leader of the Dutch far-right Freedom Party called Trump’s victory “a historic victory! — a revolution! — we will return our country to the Dutch!” In an op-ed piece, Mr. Wilders said “We are witnessing the same uprising on both sides of the Atlantic.” Mr. Wilders of the Netherlands has attended several Trump rallies and his (Dutch) Freedom Party is also allied with Ms. Le Pen’s (French) National Front party in the European Parliament.

abstract treeEven far-right leaders like Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary saw the news of Trump’s victory as a positive vindication of his own political policies. As well as Italy’s Beppe Grillo, leader of the Five Star Movement who wrote about his critics; “They don’t realize that millions of people already no longer read their newspapers and no longer watch their television.” In Austria, Heinz-Christian Strache, leader of the Freedom Party and presidential candidate said, “The left and the corrupt establishment, which considers itself so superior, are being punished blow by blow by the voters and voted out of various positions of responsibility.”

Through the changes occurring throughout Europe, Germany’s leftist chancellor, Angela Merkel, has become the last holdout for the old liberalized Europe. Merkel has been under pressure from a German form of “populism” and the hard-right, Alternative for Germany party who have won a string of victories in state elections there. In addition to the difficult challenges negotiating Britain’s vote to exit the European Union, Germany has had several other challenges such as, low growth, a continuing stream of refugees, and an increasingly angry electorate, which after last year’s “migrant crisis” weakened Merkel politically. Ms. Merkel has been able to keep Europe united on the sanctions of the Kremlin for its seizure of Crimea and fighting in east Ukraine; however, the admission of hundreds of thousands of (mostly) Muslim refugees weakened her both at home and with Central and Eastern European countries. Germany remains dependent on the American military and intelligence for its national security, and yet, the government continually postpones the costly task of strengthening the Eurozone. For Ms. Merkel, the Trump victory came as a personal blow because she has had a mutually admiring relationship with Hillary Clinton and because it will likely damage the already tarnished legacy of President Barak Obama. Ms. Merkel congratulated Mr. Trump for his victory, but then laid down rules for her cooperation with the United States, something she hasn’t done publicly with other European nations.

For decades, the left has incrementally taken its anti-Christian humanist ideology as far as they can, or as far as the people have allowed. It is being recognized by many that leftist policies are suicidal and detrimental to the betterment of societal progress. “Progressivism” in fact, becomes more regressive when applied. Liberalism actually swallows-up and destroys much of liberty. And, absolute tolerance actually promotes more intolerance and more violence. It is the anti-Christian nature of leftism that eventually becomes the antithesis of true freedom, liberty, and righteousness. And that is because true freedom, liberty, and righteousness are found only in Christ and His standards; which can only be sustained by having government laid upon Christ’s shoulders; that is, mankind is to realize his delegated authority as under Christ.

America’s “republican” (representative) government was initially constructed with just such an ideal in mind (although imperfectly). It was a “form” of democracy, but not a pure democracy (as the founders despised a pure democracy), which they referred to as “mob-ocracy.” (Democrats love this!)

Of course, today’s Democrat Party eschews the idea of government under God, but prefers the image of democracy as mob-ocracy as we see demonstrated in the streets by their mobs, protests, and violence towards their communities, property, and fellow citizens. They tend to see themselves as society’s hip-revolutionists, carrying-on a mythical American tradition of, change for the sake of change. However, The American Revolution was a different kind of revolution. It was more of a conservative Christian revolution than a mindless radical revolution. In fact, at the time, the English called it the “Puritan Revolution.”

So, today’s leftist democrat is not carrying-on any sort of American “spirit” of revolution simply by protesting and calling for some sort of neo-Marxist change. They are actually the antithesis of the American Revolution. They are closer in spirit to the insane and bloody French Revolution than anything American.

For today’s so-called liberalism, in contrast with classical liberalism, instead of searching the Christian inspired writings and philosophies of Augustine, they prefer Plato because his philosophy was communistic. Instead of embracing the Christian existentialism of the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, they embrace the atheistic existentialism of Friedrich Nietzsche (god is dead). Instead of building upon the Biblical, free-market inspired capitalist economic ideas, they look to avowed atheists like Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes who promoted anti-capital, consumption oriented economies. Instead of studying the beauty of the Song of Solomon for their sexual philosophy, they turn to the Marquis de Sade, an avid atheist from whom every sort of sexual deviancy and violent behavior is but a natural desire and therefore to be encouraged. (Sade is where we get the term sadism). Since the 60’s sexual revolution, de Sade’s philosophy of sexual deviancy is incrementally becoming society’s cultural norm. This has not brought us an “everything is beautiful — anything goes” culture; it has instead brought us William Blake’s deviant “Marriage of Heaven and Hell.” Instead of searching the Scriptures or seeking the advice of a mature, knowledgeable clergy for personal counseling, it is more common to seek out a Freudian inspired psychologist. Sigmund Freud was also an avid atheist who sought to create a system that opposed what the Bible taught. Freud made a deliberative, purposeful effort at creating a psychological system that was opposed to the Scriptures. That is how much he hated God and Christianity in particular. Instead of looking to Jesus Christ and the Scriptures for their morals, ethics, and values, today’s so-called liberals, look to the Humanist Manifesto and to the vain humanistic philosophies of some of the most anti-Christian philosophers in history. Some, will even go so far as to say, this is what Jesus really meant to convey to the world!?!

Liberalism’s anti-Christian philosophies and influence has promoted a war of the natural man against the supernatural man — and the natural man’s desire is, to be his own god. In tracing modern liberalism’s philosophies and philosophers, it seems many of  liberalism’s gods and heroes are typically the most extreme of the god-hating philosophers and the most violent, tyrannical rulers – and there are plenty of them to consult if you choose to do so.

Since the 1930’s, the American Democrat Party has adopted an anti-Constitutional approach (To hide this approach they later created a ’living-constitution” interpretation). Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) had no use for the American Constitution and saw it as an impediment to his desire to re-create a new American government – the New Deal. His policy ideas came out of England’s “Fabian Society,” most notably, John Maynard Keynes and his ideas, for what we today refer to as, “Keynesianism” or Keynesian Economics. Keynes himself was not actually an economist; he was a mathematician. Fabianism (in England) and/or Keynesianism were begun as economic halfway-measures towards bringing in Socialism. And, Socialism was essentially begun as a halfway-measure into ushering in a future utopia of communism. Early on in the 20th century, the press and academia in America fell hook-line-and-sinker for the Russian utopian dream of “communism” and also for Mussolini’s fascism (Italy). Since the FDR era, America has been struggling with this infiltration of Keynesianism, Socialism, and fascism in our economics and politics; mostly from the Democratic left in varying degrees, but sometimes from Republican moderates and those willing to compromise with leftists as well. Today, we continue to operate in the Keynesian mode, as does most of the western democracies, while incrementally moving (progressivism) towards the (supposed) socialist ideal. This has been the political struggle between the left and the right since the FDR era. But, liberalism may have worn-out its welcome — it’s time push back hard.

What we are witnessing in the streets of America in the post-election aftermath is a widespread display of ignorance; an ignorance of American exceptionalism and of the world’s economic history, past and present. But, by the recent movements in much of the western world, the tide appears to be turning again. Let’s make the most of it and continue to push back Keynesianism, fascism, and the tyranny of  leftism.


Carlos Bernardino is a gospelbbq staff writer; a.k.a., Pete Coker.

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