Connecticut Study Blasts Gun Control Myths

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by Dr. Joel McDurmon

Jan. 2014

While Connecticut gun owners are lining up registering their weapons under that state’s new restrictive gun controls, a Connecticut university professor released a study showing the dangerous absurdity of such laws.

Quinnipiac University professor Mark Gius conducted a review of 30 years of gun control laws, specifically concealed carry restrictions and “assault weapons” bans, in correlation with crime statistics. The result is (surprise, surprise!):

[S]tates with restrictions on the carrying of concealed weapons had higher gun-related murder rates than other states.

Likewise, [A]ssault weapons bans did not significantly affect murder rates at the state

The study confirmed some findings of previous studies by John Lott, of “more guns, less crime” fame. But Gius’s study improves upon previous studies in a couple main areas:

First, previous studies focusing upon “homicide” rates are greatly misleading, because that statistic includes all justifiable killings (those done in self-defense, for example). It would also include all police-response killings of criminals. Thus, previously, “homicide” has meant simply “killing” and not just “murder.” But it doesn’t make any sense to consider the killing of a criminal in self-defense or home-defense the same as a criminal committing murder, and then to tarnish gun ownership with such ridiculously inflated “homicide” rates.  So, Gius’s study more properly singles out “gun-related murder” as the key variable.

Secondly, Gius considers data from differing time frames and scenarios in regard to state and/or federal assault weapons bans.

These improvements lead to some startling new information which further highlights the absurdity of gun control laws. While previous studies revealed that assault weapons bans had little-to-no effect on crime rates at the state-level (which is bad enough), Gius shows the full truth is much worse than that. When the federal assault weapons ban was in effect nationwide (1994–2004), murder rates were a whopping 19.3 percent higher.

And as the abstract said, murder rates are also significantly higher in states that have restrictive concealed-carry controls. The study concludes, “These results suggest that, even after controlling for unobservable state and year fixed effects, limiting the ability to carry concealed weapons may cause murder rates to increase.”

So, as Connecticut imposes stricter gun controls in response to Sandy Hook, it is actually increasing the probability of more crime, not less. This is simply stupid—dangerous, in fact—on the part of state legislators.

Now of course this is common sense to Christians and conservatives. It’s just a hard truth to accept for leftist and moderate politicians who live in liberal la-la land or the “gotta do something” bubble of state capitols. What needs to happen is for these politicians to be replaced, or for enough of them to hear and feel strong pressure from their constituencies. Politicians who do not respond out of principle will only respond to pain—pain, that is, at the polls.

And that has been the problem until recently. Too many good Christian and conservative people understand the principles, and want to protect their liberties, but their principles are underrepresented and unvoiced in government. As a result, carnivorous liberals destroy liberty at will, and good-willed gun owners end up standing in registration lines like sheep for the shearing.

The good news is that there is a growing liberty-minded movement that is standing up to gun grabbers and other offenders of the Second Amendment. And even better, they are having remarkable success when they focus on principled men and state-level solutions.

A model of such success is Iowa Gun Owners. I know these guys, and not only do they have a full-orbed biblical worldview, they are putting it to practice with results that are shaking up liberals, RINOs, and neo-cons alike. They are advancing kingdom freedoms in the sphere of gun rights, or so-called “Second Amendment” rights, in ways that make the NRA look like liberals. I doubt you’ll see any registration lines there anytime soon.

IGO has already expanded its model to a few other states, and those new plants are already growing quickly. In fact, there is now great potential to spread IGO’s success to further states as well. There are opportunities here for young men trained in biblical worldview to get involved and make a substantial difference in this nation, especially at the state level.

In my lifetime, I would love to see an end to all assault weapons bans and concealed-carry restrictions. I would like to see “constitutional carry” prevail. I would love to see Reagan’s ban on post-1986 automatic weapons for civilians removed as well. And with what I am seeing, I believe these things can happen. On top of these, there is much more progress than can be made in many ways in almost every state.

If you are interested in such an opportunity, perhaps even leading to a lifetime career, contact me:


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