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Dr. Greg Bahnsen Reproves and Corrects Dr. Norman Geisler

What Kind of Morality Should We Legislate? By Dr. Greg Bahnsen  To the surprise of the secularists all around us, the 1980s demonstrated that bible-believing Christians expected to have a voice in the political arena. In the 1960s we were … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Ordinary People

Dr. Condoleezza Rice on Extraordinary Ordinary People By Hugh Hewitt  HH: Pleased to welcome now Dr. Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State. Dr. Rice, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show, great to talk to you. CR: Hi, it’s nice to … Continue reading

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Elementary School Slams America’s Founders

School’s ‘Nation of Islam’ handout paints Founding Fathers as Racists By Todd Starnes Published October 27, 2014 The mother of an eight-year-old wants to know why a Tennessee school teacher gave her child a handout from the Nation of Islam that … Continue reading

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