Israel/Gaza: Do You Believe in Miracles?

Israel/Gaza: Do You Believe in Miracles?washington dc

The Bizarro World of Obama’s Foreign Policy

By Pete Coker

 Does it not seem odd that President Obama and John Kerry appear to be so indifferent to the Israel-Gaza conflict that they are inadvertently endorsing the Hamas terrorist organization?

U.N. BuildingIronically, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia are on Israel’s side in this recent conflict. These countries, which are normally, always against Israel, are not only being somewhat quiet, they have all backed Egypt’s cease-fire proposal.

According to reports, as a result of the Israel-Gaza conflict, Jew-hating protests are erupting in many places in Europe and becoming increasingly violent. In France, Muslim immigrants are doing everything in their power to make life miserable for Jews living there. In Germany, people are taking to the streets and chanting about resurrecting “gas ovens” for the Jews again. Strangely, in Europe, the politicians are not anti-Israel, the media and the people are.anti liberty 2

Now back to the Middle-East and the new team divisions. In the Eastern Division league we have; Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. And in the Western Division league; the United States of America, Iran, and Syria. So, as Mark Steyn has eloquently pointed out, it now appears there is a juxtaposition of Egypt and Sunni leaders aligning with Israel vs. Shiite leaders and the U.S.A. aligning against Israel. To further confuse these alignments, Egypt is seeking to push the Muslim Brotherhood aside. This is a somewhat strange turn in that the Muslim Brotherhood has Sunni roots. But, then again, the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t exactly perceived as a stabilizing force in the region. So then, are Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia actually beginning to see Israel as an essential link to stability for the region?What may appear to the West as a strange alliance in recent Arab regional politics; may just be a new practical approach by Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia for the future stability of the region.double rainbow

Referring back to my question at the beginning of this article and why President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry appear to be favoring Hamas with their public indifference? I have a theory which may make both of them look much smarter than they likely are. This theory (in analogous form) requires referring to a movie titled, “Miracle,” starring Kurt Russell, who plays the real life hockey coach, (the late) Herb Brooks.

Herb Brooks coached the 1980 U.S.A. Olympic Hockey Team that defeated the seemingly undefeatable Soviet Union Hockey Team in a surprise upset! In picking his players for the team, Herb chose young players who were previously from rival teams in Boston and Minnesota. As suspected, some of the players did not get along and old rivalries clashed. Something had to be done to unite the team or they would ultimately fail.

Herb, in thinking way ahead of the situation, had a psychological plan to deal with the problem. Basically, as coach, Herb decided to be a tough, physically demanding, no-nonsense, “prick.” He delegated his assistant coach and Team Doctor to befriend and look-after the players. His theory was that the players would soon become united in their dislike and hatred of him and would then “stop hating each other.” As a result, they would become united players; a team, a family. Herb’s strategy worked. His team went on to beat the top-ranked hockey team in the world. It is still considered one of the greatest victories in all of sports history!

The analogy proposed here may be a l-o-n-g stretch, but; what if President Obama is doing something similar to coach Herb Brooks? What if he is being a “prick” to affect a more positive outcome in the Middle East? Instead of running to the aid of Israel; he just acts with indifference. The result: Other nations in the region decide there may be something in it for them. So, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan come together and step up to the plate. Maybe they begin to see something they hadn’t seen before.

Now, maybe none of this actually, ever crossed President Obama’s or Secretary John Kerry’s minds. Maybe it just happened in spite of their overall incompetence. Either way, it could very well be a milestone in Middle East regional politics. Do you believe in miracles?


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