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China is Reversing the Decline and Fall of Christianity

    China is reversing the decline and fall of Christianity By Jonathan Sacks (A Non-Christian View)  Towards the end of his recent book, Civilization, the historian Niall Ferguson drops into his analysis an explosive depth-charge. He quotes a member … Continue reading

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Marxism, Law, and Evolution: a Theological Perspective

Marxism, law and evolution: Marxist law in both theory and practice by Augusto Zimmermann   Evolutionary influences are especially visible in Marxist legal theory. Because Marx rejected the God of Creation, he was deeply scornful of the doctrine of human … Continue reading

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Can There be a Christian Nation?

If There Can’t Be a Christian Nation, Can There Be Anything Christian at All? By Bojidar Marinov “There can never be such a thing as a Christian nation.” This has been the refrain of many a seminary professors in the … Continue reading

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